Nissan Working on New Electric Car Battery Technology

Nissan Working on New Electric Car Battery Technology

Expect more range and mainstream styling when the next-generation Nissan Leaf arrives.

The Japanese automaker is currently working on new battery technology that will debut in early 2017 and will offer more than double the range the current Leaf has. Nissan executives have expressed that the key to having a successful electric vehicle in today’s market is better range and the new battery chemistry will be used by both Nissan and Infiniti in their electric vehicles.

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Though Nissan hasn’t shared a target range, the company’s executive vice president for its zero emissions businesses previously noted that 186 miles is a mark that EVs must hit to present an everyday alternative to the new hydrogen fuel-cell cars.

The company has not announced timing for the launch of the next-generation Leaf, or the Infiniti EV.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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