Paris Limiting Speeds to Under 20 MPH

Paris Limiting Speeds to Under 20 MPH

The city of Paris is looking to slow things down.

Newly elected Mayor of Paris Madame Anne Hidalgo has prepared a sustainable mobility project that will subject the city’s streets to a maximum speed limit of 30 KMH (18.64 MPH). Exceptions to the rule will be a relatively small number of major entries into the city and along the two banks of the Seine, where the speed limit will be set to 50 KMH (31.07 MPH).

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There will even be areas in the city where pedestrians and cyclists have priority that will have a top speed of just 20 KMH (12.43 MPH). According to the report, the city had been steadily lowering its speed limits over the recent years, but the new Mayor’s plan will make those lowered speed limits more common throughout the city. The city hopes that by lowering speed limits, it’ll help prevent accidents and save lives in addition to lowering emissions and improving local air quality.

[Source: World Streets]

  • Rickers

    F-ing Europe.

  • J Mac

    I was visiting Paris recently and asked a local if they spoke German. They said “No.” I said “you’re welcome.”

  • smartacus

    This is stupid!
    A 49cc moped can break the speed limit in Paris?
    Time to get a pocketbike

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    This is an intelligent, excellent idea to densely populated urban areas, if you don’t understand how this is a good idea just think about it. If you still don’t get it, think on it some more. If you still don’t get it, you’re not going to.

    America’s way of life was all wrong before it started. Greed being the no.1 factor. A whole country’s infrastructure built around oil is just not sustainable, it never was and America’s inability to let go of it’s past and change has led to some of the worlds largest problems … Wars for oil under the guise of fighting terrorism – gimmie a break!

    It’s all good to be patriotic if you have something to be patriotic about, but quite frankly ‘Merica does not. Americans need to learn humility and actually start to work hard again in turning things around before it’s to late, and not just so the rest of the world will stop hating you, but for the good of all nations while you still have some influence.

  • Seriously?

    It took me a total of 10 seconds to think it over multiple times, and realized there was nothing to get. All you are going to do is have traffic crawling around, and motors are more efficient running at above an idle, which is what will be happening. Think of this, and see if you get it. If you don’t, keep trying till you do.

    As an Example: 2 cars going thru a given area (say a mile long), one going 1 mph, the other going 60 mph. Which is going to be more polluting in this given area? The slower one? Correct! Wait, you say, no one is saying 1 mph! Well, 12.4 mph is a lot closer to 1 than to 30-40, isn’t it? So, you do the math any way you’d like, and you’ll find it will validate my statement every time. I mean, take a look at the situation in LA. I don’t have the stats of the average MPH during their rush hour gridlock at my fingertips, but I can’t imagine they are much higher than the 20mph that is the higher of the 2 limits.

    Just wait, next in line for them: Banning cars, because of all the pollution they are producing since they are just slowly idling around town, and the pedestrians can’t stand it. Plus the gridlock that a 12mph speed limit will ensure. Idiots. Nothing else to say about it.

    And about Merica. If you haven’t noticed, other than the people on the east coast who for whatever reason enjoy being racked, stacked and warehoused in tall cubes, most of the country chooses not to live like this. Also if you haven’t noticed, our country is a LOT bigger than all of western Europe, and obviously more spread out. So, other than closing down much of the center of the country and shipping them all to highly concentrated/high density warehouses apparently so much preferred on the east coast, what pray tell would your solution be? I’m eager to hear it.