Most Popular Car Nicknames List Might Surprise You

Most Popular Car Nicknames List Might Surprise You

Ever wonder what the most popular car nicknames are?

In a recent survey conducted by Hankook Tire, 35 percent of Americans have given their cars nicknames with Betsy being the most popular. Other top names starting with the letter “B” include Baby and Bessie, while some of the stranger names on the list include The Accordion, NellyBelly and Petunia.

Gender also played a role in determining what to nickname a car, as 40 percent of female car owners gave their cars feminine names while only eight percent gave them masculine names. For males, 28 percent gave their cars a masculine name while 23 percent gave them a feminine name. Finally 51 percent of the survey respondents didn’t label their cars male or female.

Other interesting facts the survey revealed is that dads are the most popular teachers when it comes to learning how to drive and how to change a tire. Of those surveyed, 34 percent admitted they learned were forced to learn how to change a tire in an emergency while 22 percent admitted they don’t even know how to change a tire.

The Hankook Tire Gauge Index is a quarterly survey and for the spring installment, it polled 1,007 randomly selected Americans.