Roush Tipped as Builder of Google’s Self-Driving Car

Roush Tipped as Builder of Google’s Self-Driving Car

Google will enlist Roush Enterprises to assemble its new self-driving car prototype in Southeast Michigan. 

Sources close to matter revealed this to Automotive News, saying that Roush will benefit from its location close to automotive suppliers. Exactly which suppliers are involved is unknown, though sources report that they are the “top players” in the industry.

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Rather than starting from scratch, Roush is expected to retrofit an existing car to transform it into Google’s driverless prototype. The tech-giant said on Tuesday that it is planning a fleet of 100 driverless cars that don’t feature a steering wheel, gas or brake pedal. The cars are powered by an electric motor, and top out at 25 mph.

Roush is usually associated with racing along with high-performance versions of Ford’s Mustang.

Roush and Google declined to comment on the story.

[Source: Automotive News]

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