Special NISMO 370Z to Be Revealed Tomorrow

Special NISMO 370Z to Be Revealed Tomorrow

In a one-sentence press release, Nissan teased a new Nismo-tuned 370Z that it will reveal in full tomorrow.

Without naming the car, the company released the teaser image shown above, saying the announcement will be made at 1 p.m. Eastern during ZDAYS in North Carolina at the Fontana Village Resort. While the company didn’t actually announce that the car is a 370Z, the teaser’s front quarter panel is difficult to mistake.

The teaser shows a more aggressive front fascia with a large front lip spoiler. Considering how late the current Z car is in its life cycle, this is probably a hardcore limited edition performance variant typical to aging performance products. Nissan already sells a Nismo version of the 370Z with a revised suspension, exhaust, output upgraded to 350 hp to name just a few of the changes. The body is also modified with a massive rear wing and more aggressive body kit along wit ha revised interior.

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For 2014, Nissan cut the price of the base 370Z to under $30,000 before delivery fees. Check back tomorrow to see what Nissan has up its sleeve this time.

Last month at the New York Auto Show, Nissan product boss Pierre Loing told AutoGuide.com to expect more Nismo-tuned models from the company in the future. At the L.A. Auto Show, Nissan revealed its Sentra Nismo concept with a series up upgrades including an additional 110 hp and a stiffer suspension.

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    I can’t wait!

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    It better not be another Juke