Dodge Retakes Control of SRT, Announces New Products

Dodge Retakes Control of SRT, Announces New Products

Pour one out for performance car maker SRT, which is being consolidated back into the Dodge brand. 

That means that the SRT Viper will be once again be known as the Dodge Viper. Ralph Gilles will remain the Senior vice president of Product Design and President and CEO of Motorsports at Dodge, but will no longer be the CEO of SRT the now defunct brand. Tim Kuniskis will lead the new effort and continue his role as President and CEO of the Dodge Brand.

“I want to thank Ralph for his dedication to the SRT brand,” FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said today. “Under Ralph’s leadership, the SRT brand expanded its vehicle lineup to include more highly customized models and received numerous automotive awards and distinctions.”

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Moving forward, the SRT nameplate will be a “performance halo” under the Dodge brand, Kuniskis said.

As for future vehicles, SRT plans to release a performance version of the Journey crossover in 2017 and a turbocharged, all wheel-drive SRT Dart in 2016. The Viper will be refreshed in 2015 while the SRT Challenger and Charger are due for an update sometime this summer.

The fate of all the other existing SRT vehicles, including the SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee and SRT Chrysler 300 are still unknown.

GALLERY: SRT Viper Anodized Carbon Edition


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  • Macus Walker

    How about hiring a new team of designers and re-do what you call the Charger for 2015, which is nothing more than a new Dart. How can we be excited when you have ruined what used to be the Charger?

  • zoomzoomjeff

    Might they also sell trucks again like they should? Instead of creating the “Ram” brand? What a dumbass move—spending years trying to get people to quit calling them Dodge trucks, and insisting people call them Ram trucks. WTF is the brand Ram?!?!?

    Fire useless brand managers, and pour that money into real R&D like producing solid Jeep vehicles, instead of Fiats with big tires.

  • Paul McGlone

    Finally some common sense. They should also go back to calling the top performance models R/T like in the ’60s & ’70s instead of the stupid srt

  • Dave

    Where is the Ram 1500 SRT?
    I’m tired of waiting…….

  • Jim Ray

    Uhhh, they don’t call them R/T’s because they have R/T’s
    already. The SRT is a step up from the R/T (different engine, different suspension,
    different brakes, different interior, different wheels, different tires, and
    different exterior accents).

    It’s the same as an SS Camaro being a step up from an RS and
    then the ZL1 is a step up from the SS. You see the Camaro RS would be like the
    Challenger SE, then the Camaro SS would be like the Challenger R/T, and finally
    the Camaro ZL1 would be like the Challenger SRT. Unfortunately, Chevy has no
    Camaro to compare to the Hell Cat Challenger (YET).