2015 Subaru BRZ Series.Blue is Only Half Right

2015 Subaru BRZ Series.Blue is Only Half Right

Subaru has announced a new special edition of its BRZ sports car called the Series.Blue, but the name seems to only be half correct.  

That’s because half of the 1,000 units that are being produced will be offered in Crystal White Pearl, while the other 500 will be finished in WR Blue Pearl.

It’s also only half right because while there are plenty of STI details, they don’t come with STI-level performance.

Power still comes from a 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder engine that makes 200 hp, while handling performance is upgraded only through aerodynamic enhancements.

Added downforce comes from STI front, side, and side-rear under spoilers, while underbody panels take the car’s coefficient of drag from 0.28 to 0.27. Added style will come from black-painted 17-inch STI wheels complete with red-painted brake calipers.

For interior content, this special edition is based on the BRZ Limited trim, and gets leather and Alcantara upholstery along with blue leather seat bolsters and head restraints. Blue stitching is continued throughout the entire interior, while silver BRZ logos are embroidered into the seats and floor mats.

Subaru will sell the BRZ Series.Blue for a price of $30,285 including destination.

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  • Jess Faith

    woohoo! Another useless change to the 86 chassis! Thanks for really improving things, Subaru!

  • Fakm


  • Lame Car


  • Tim

    And it only costs $4k!!!

  • Shiratori90

    And thanks Jess for being a real troll………

  • MichaelBlue72

    I actually REALLY like this. It covers some of the things I was going to change anyways. I especially love that it’s available in pearl white, and, of course, the name. 🙂

  • llllaaaaazzzzzyyyyyyy

    It’s an underpowered car for college kids. Give it a high-end v6 and we’ll be having some fun.

  • Rancho Relaxo

    $5k more than a wrx for less power and half as many driven wheels. I don’t get it…

  • Exhaust Addict

    More like Series.Rice. Give this thing a turbo already.

  • Shiratori90

    You clearly don’t get the point of the car, which sucks for you. A performance car is more than just hp and 0-60 times.

  • Shiratori90

    What an idiot……

  • Noobaruto

    30k??? Damn jumping into WRX STi and EVO territory…..

  • Richard Joash Tan

    and you are a bullshit

  • wellyouredumb

    idiot. there will never be a V-anything in a Subaru.

  • Jamal

    Different buyers entirely.

  • Tigre

    Why is he an idiot… because he wants a turbo BRZ? Sounds like an awesome idea to me.

  • Shiratori90

    Sounds like a good way to throw off the weight balance of the car. People who are screaming about more power with regards to the BRZ/ 86 are individuals that are MISSING THE POINT.

  • 7milesup

    And the other thing…