Subaru Growth Plans Include New 7-Seater SUV, Plug-in Hybrid

Subaru Growth Plans Include New 7-Seater SUV, Plug-in Hybrid

Subaru is looking to increase its U.S. sales by 20 percent by 2020 and to get there the automaker will bring to market new technologies and new models.

The Japanese automaker has revealed plans to introduce a new vehicle platform and more efficient engines as it looks to build on its growth in North America. The company forecasts North American volume of 600,000 units by 2020, an increase from 478,000 units in the just-ended fiscal year. Subaru also expects to expand annual capacity at its Indiana plant to 400,000 units after 2017.

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For the past six years, Subaru has been the only brand to increase sales in the U.S. each year and has seen double-digit increases in each of the past 16 months. Through April this year, Subaru’s sales are up 22 percent while the rest of the U.S. automotive industry has only risen three percent.

In 2016, Subaru will introduce a new modularized platform called the Subaru Global Platform. It will support every model from the Impreza to the Outback. It will also debut a next-generation Impreza along with a new seven-seater SUV to replace the outgoing Tribeca. Also, expect a plug-in hybrid to arrive for the North American market in the future, which will be based on hybrid technology from Toyota.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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  • John Nolley

    Now, if only they would talk about bringing their existing diesel models to the US…

  • crabbyolddad

    I don’t understand diesels any longer. The fuel costs more than gasoline and the economy differential only barely makes them a wash if that. I think diesels are neat to be sure, but gasoline engines are very economical these days. I recently sold a 94 Mazda Miata that was considered economical when it was new. Today I can say it “only” got mid 20’s and even if pressed couldn’t break 30MPG.

  • payingattention

    As of right now, passenger vehicle diesel is the same price as regular gas in Northern Calif.

  • 1BillSauerteig1

    Electric is the way my people. Given time it will happen.

  • Glenn

    The torque of a diesel engine makes it fun to drive with a manual transmission. Also, the government understates the fuel economy if diesels and overstates the furl economy of electrics.

  • Jboat

    Diesel fuel in the country would cost less if our refineries were set up to produce more diesel fuel from a barrel of oil than conventional gasoline, as is the case in Europe. Thus so many more diesel models over there. Not sure how feasible that would be for the U.S.

  • Rickers

    Maybe hybrids… not electric.

  • Jamal

    I really don’t get the hype around diesels either. Lame.

  • reg26

    The reason diesel is more than gas is because the government taxes the crap out of it

  • will wipperdink

    Subaru is one of the top two or three for sure.
    mazda is also great

  • will wipperdink

    the US government (and/or big oil) doesn’t want diesels in this country and they do everything they can to make them undesirable or hard to sell.
    that’s why they are so popular everywhere but in the USA


  • John Nolley

    The Forester XD gets approximately double the fuel economy of the XT in the UK, for example; that’s more than “a wash if that” IMHO. Granted, the two models aren’t directly comparable in terms of driving experience, but the bump in fuel economy can be very significant. As for the cost comparison, diesel is on par with premium gasoline in many parts of the US–and that’s with the massive discrepancy in federal tax rates on the two. The government could certainly encourage more consumer diesel use by increasing the gasoline tax to a more competitive rate vis-a-vis diesel.

  • UofASouthpaw

    I drove a M/T diesel sedan for a week and a half in Morocco, and let me tell you… I was AMAZED! Drove the crap out of that thing to and from the worksite 45 minutes each way, every day, and the gauge hardly moved. We didn’t even bother filling up before returning it. And the takeoff and passing acceleration was awesome to boot! The cost of diesel, in the U.S., is artificially high compared to gasoline. The disparity in taxes/subsidies makes it so. Were it not for that, diesel would absolutely make total sense! Even with the current price difference at U.S. pumps diesel still probably works out economically favorable thanks to the better fuel economy.

  • danwat1234

    Diesel is around 14% more energy dense that gas so if the diesel gets 14% more MPG than a gas car, it’s not more efficient, it just has more energy to work with. Cars like the Prius can trump a diesel in most situations.

  • danwat1234

    Yea electric, it’s just up to battery density to increase and whalla

  • danwat1234

    Electrics have a TON of torque

  • danwat1234

    Interesting that Subaru will make a plug-in hybrid from Toyota, when it first decided not to go with Toyota technology and instead to develop their own “mild” hybrid XV Crosstek. I wonder when we will see that and if Subaru will ever make Atkinson cycle engines?

  • Alpineskier

    The reason diesel costs more is because truckers pass the increased costs to the (unknowing) consumer. But if gas prices were to increase, then there would be a lot of vocal opposition. I am a Class 6 truck driver.