10 Ways to Lower Your Insurance

10 Ways to Lower Your Insurance

How to Cut Down on Insurance Costs

Car insurance can be costly, but there are quite a few ways to reduce your monthly premium.

Some of these tips may be common knowledge, but new car owners might not know of them. Just making sure your insurance company has the latest information on your car is important and will help you get the most accurate insurance costs. Of course, don’t be afraid to ask your insurance company how you can save money. They might have specific tips tailored for you.

  • Nick Dasko

    Number 11, if you are a guy, get married. Married men have lower rates.

  • SP1966

    The cost of insurance is ridiculously low in comparison to the cost of a wife!

  • garza6974

    I guess Nick didn’t take that into consideration as he was posting.

  • garza6974

    Or getting married. Lol

  • Gary

    I have a 2008 CTS, after owning it for four months I was pulling into a parking spot that had a sidewalk on it. My car accelerated the next thing I saw was my hood was in my face. Everyone came over to help but only the car was damaged. I called the dealership where I bought it. They had someone from Cadillac fly in to test my car, it took most of the day after he was done he told me Cadillac will be contacting me. They told me they cannot duplicate the problem but the girl suggested my brake pedal might need replacing, in a smart assed remark.
    Then two weeks ago I was stopping at a red signal I noticed the car was again accelerating so I turned off the car but the traction control light came on afterwards. The dealership told me they would look for a car for me, that was six months ago I haven’t heard from anybody. After sending Joe Clemmens a letter about this situation he called me and said he will have someone from Cadillac come in and look at the car. So far no call. There has to be a reason why my car did this twice.I don’t want another car I put some chrome pieces and a chrome meshed grille on too. The next time this happens someone might be walking in front of me? GM will only admit to a problem after someone gets killed. I don’t want it to be me.

  • Jay Cormier

    It may sound dumb but it could your gas pedal, its electronic and I find gm very sensitive in high humidity, just my advice

  • ivan

    What’s a good insurance for a low miles FR-S 2013