Texting and Driving Infuriates Drivers Most: Survey

Texting and Driving Infuriates Drivers Most: Survey

What type of drivers aggravates you the most while on the road?

According to a recent survey conducted by Expedia.com, the texter is the most infuriating driver, ahead of the tailgater and the multi-tasker. The 2014 Road Rage Report was conducted on Expedia’s behalf by Northstar and surveyed 1,001 adult Americans to determine the behaviors that are most likely to elicit road rage.

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The survey revealed that 69 percent of drivers found texters the most aggravating, while the tailgater received 60 percent of the responses. Other annoyances on the road include the multi-tasker (54 percent), the drifter (43 percent), the crawler (39 percent), the swerver (38 percent) and the left-lane hog (32 percent). And despite the fact that texters were the most infuriating driver on the road, 55 percent of Americans admitted to using their mobile phones while behind the wheel.

Other interesting tidbits from the 2014 Road Rage Report include: 62 percent of Americans believe 16 is too young to drive, chips are the top road trip snack for Americans (36 percent) and classic rock is the preferred road trip music for 40 percent of Americans.

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    It’s a safe bet the people ranking texting as the worst offense are also the ones doing it.