The 10 Most 1980s Car Features

The 10 Most 1980s Car Features

2. Throttle-Body Injection, Central Fuel Injection, Etc.

Not quite multi-port fuel injection, but not quite a carburetor, throttle-body injection was the interim gasoline-delivery technology that really came into its own during the 1980s. Thanks to the advent of affordable computer controls automakers could more precisely deliver air and fuel into engine cylinders, something that drastically improved efficiency and emissions.

Rather than having a dedicated injector for each cylinder throttle-body or central fuel injection placed a single delivery port at the throttle that served all cylinders. Think of it as half carburetor, half fuel injection. This technology was very cost effective and as a result extremely popular during the 1980s.

  • Shawn Merrill

    TBI is still wildy used.

  • Speedboat

    and 95% of all cars on the road and manufactured to this day, continue to be FWD. There are very few RWD cars out there, that aren’t high end luxury cars.