The 10 Most 1980s Car Features

The 10 Most 1980s Car Features

1. Front-Wheel Drive

While hardly new, front-wheel drive was very trendy during the ‘80s. In a bid to improve their fuel economy numbers automakers switched from traditional rear-wheel-drive to this bass-ackwards layout.

The move brought about vehicle like Chrysler’s K-Car line, the Ford Escort, GM’s X-body models and countless others. Front-wheel drive afforded motorists things like more spacious cabins, lower vehicle mass, better traction, dumpy handling and crippling torque steer.

  • Shawn Merrill

    TBI is still wildy used.

  • Speedboat

    and 95% of all cars on the road and manufactured to this day, continue to be FWD. There are very few RWD cars out there, that aren’t high end luxury cars.


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