The 10 Most 1980s Car Features

The 10 Most 1980s Car Features

9. Headlight Wipers

If your 1980s-ish car had headlight wipers chances are you were a baller. These chicken wing-sized blades cleared the lamps during inclement weather or when the lenses were covered in dirt. Think of them as the infotainment system of the day; they were high-tech and sought after… maybe.

These wipers were a staple feature of Volvo and Mercedes-Benz cars from this time period. And come on, who can argue with extra complexity and maintenance afforded by this technology, especially when the payoff is so irrelevant? Classify them with power antennas, bag phones and the column shifter… GLORIOUS!

  • Shawn Merrill

    TBI is still wildy used.

  • Speedboat

    and 95% of all cars on the road and manufactured to this day, continue to be FWD. There are very few RWD cars out there, that aren’t high end luxury cars.