The 10 Most 1980s Car Features

The 10 Most 1980s Car Features

7. Button Tufting

Another 1980s seating trend was button tufting. Ostensibly designed to make a car’s interior look plusher, this feature only highlighted the driver and/or automaker’s poor taste.

As the name suggests, buttons were sewn into the seating surface to give it a sort of “puckered” appearance. Oftentimes the little medallions were arranged in a geometric pattern for maximum gaudiness. Making the bad taste even more oppressive, this design trend was often applied to chintziest vinyl available, a glossy material that was also offered in horribly kitschy hues.

  • Shawn Merrill

    TBI is still wildy used.

  • Speedboat

    and 95% of all cars on the road and manufactured to this day, continue to be FWD. There are very few RWD cars out there, that aren’t high end luxury cars.


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