Top 10 Cars for a Road Trip

Top 10 Cars for a Road Trip

8. Chrysler Town & Country

Coming down from the pricing stratosphere, we submit for your approval the Chrysler Town & Country, arguably the vehicle with the most ampersand in its name on the market today. Yes, we know minivans are uncool and yes, we know you probably don’t care about them but just hear us out. When it comes to efficiently transporting people and cargo, or any combination thereof, these family machines are simply unmatched, and that’s what makes them perfect for road trips.

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Chrysler invented this vehicle segment back in the 1980s and the company is still a leader today. The 2014 Town & Country features a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 that delivers 283 class-leading horses and up to 25 MPG on the highway. Boom! Things just got real…

  • Mick

    My turbo RSX

  • corjet

    No SRT Viper ..What a shame a manual gear box and powerful engine in a car that’s so awesome to cruse in it make you take the long way to your destination

  • Rickers

    Yea, your car is so awesome… they discontinued it.

  • Mick

    Actually they sold well. Also some cars liek the RSX were discontinued because they weren’t good or didn’t sell well but for other reasons. With the RSX the new Civic Si in 2006 had the same powerful engine so that was one reason. Also Acura wanted to get out of the sporty 4 banger racer boy car market.

  • bogwey

    Damn shame most of these cars are unattainable for the masses… Why not include a couple reasonable cars in the mix? How about a Miata? I would take a Hardtop Miata over the Mercedes and keep the leftover 80K in my pocket!


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