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 |  May 13 2014, 12:32 PM

9. Cadillac CUE


Cadillac’s CUE system is pretty advanced and features technology not found on many other cars including proximity sensors and haptic feedback. The proximity sensors allow the screen to hide icons for a cleaner look until your hand comes close enough. They re-appear once your finger draws close enough to the surface. The haptic feedback feature allows you to know if the car registered your touch inputs, as it gives you a little jolt like a cell phone will when you type on its touch screen keyboard.

With 800×480 resolution, the graphics look good, but the touch-response is a bit lacking.

It’s clear that CUE is still in its infancy and we look forward to future models where the software is optimized and quicker to use.

  • Disqus11111

    My Ford Touch? Having that on the list immediately makes this article worthless.

    Cadillac CUE? This gets more pathetic with every click.

  • Finch

    I actually like MyFord Touch… I have it in my Focus and have NEVER had an issue.

  • tdeere

    Uconnect shouldnt even exist… Bmw 1st…Audi 2nd and Merc 3rd..

  • Hobbie1

    Have a 2014 RAM with Uconnect – close to perfection – easy – so easy my wife get it! It is fast and the garmin interface is great. Best part the system has touch as well as traditional buttons – meaning that you can make adjustments without taking your eyes off the road. Just an FYI the apps you mentioned for the Jeep are also on the RAM system.

  • SUV driver

    Toyota Entune, NissanConnect and Hyundai BlueLink did not make the list.

  • MarkMTx

    Lexus Enform is pretty user friendly for the old people……take notice cadillac.

  • David Laughlin

    I agree with UConnect being number 1 I’ve test driven other cars and I’m apprehensive to switch to something else. I like my challenger well, and dodge makes it super easy to use.