Top 10 Safest, Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Top 10 Safest, Most Fuel Efficient Cars
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7. 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The popular Toyota Camry hybrid is next on the list and once again, features the same 2.5-liter hybrid powertrain as the Avalon hybrid and Lexus ES 300h. Thanks to improved aerodynamics compared to its more luxurious counterparts, the Camry hybrid nets better fuel economy with a 41-MPG combined rating. In the city, it is rated at 43 MPG while on the highway it receives a 39-MPG rating. Priced from $28,050, the Camry hybrid is also one of the more affordable vehicles on the list. No wonder it’s so popular.

As for the standard Toyota Camry, expect to get 25 MPG in the city and 35 MPG on the highway.

  • Braxton Schilke

    Where’s the new E250 bluetec


    Old specifications for the Ford…

    44 in the city
    41 on the highway
    42 combined

    That would put the Fusion behind the Accord.

  • HiHoStevo

    Traditionally Ford has always been very “optimistic” on the mileage estimates for its hybrid vehicles!

    This is the result when you simply use the marketing departments theoretical numbers for choosing the best car.

  • George Star

    When you factor in the dismal Ford reliability – I don’t think so.

  • adam99

    Who cares these cars are all ugly and slow