Toyota Recalling 430K Vehicles in US

Toyota Recalling 430K Vehicles in US

Toyota has announced three new recall campaigns that apply to 430,500 vehicles in the US. 

Spare tires falling off of the 2004 through 2011 Toyota Sienna is the first issue. In cold climates where road salt is used, water can splash on the spare tire carrier which is mounted underneath the vehicle, and eventually cause it to rust. In extreme cases, the spare tire carrier assembly cable will become so rusted as to snap, causing the spare to fall off of the minivan. 370,000 Siennas are affected by this issue in the US.

Some of the affected Siennas have already been recalled for this issue. In that case, the remedy was the addition of a water-splash protector along with the application of an anti-rust agent, but neither fixed the issue completely.

The 2014 Toyota Highlander and Highlander Hybrid are the second affected vehicles, and are being called back for a fault with the front seat passenger detection system. The vehicle may not properly calculate the size of the front-seat passenger, causing the airbag to fire when it should not. In total, 50,000 Highlander models are affected.

The final recall involves the brakes fitted on the 2013 Lexus GS. A defective pedal load sensing switch can cause the brakes to activate while the car is in motion with no driver input and without lighting up the brake lights. Just 10,500 GS models are being brought back in.

In all three cases, Toyota dealers will fix the issue free of charge. For more info on the Sienna and Highlander recall, call 1-800-331-4331. If you want to know more about the Lexus GS recall, contact 1-800-255-3987.

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  • Ibn Faqir Al Comilla

    ppl should not be buying these cars in the first place they are all garbage you get what you paid for

  • Glo65

    So what do you drive, a GM, Ford or Dodge/Chrysler product! With Toyota you get a reliable, problem free vehicle for the most part!

  • Stan

    I wonder when they are going to recall the Sienna for the brakes
    activating without warning and without turning on the brake lights. My
    2004 has done this twice and there are others who have reported this
    also on the Toyota / Sienna forums. Toyota even has TSB’s describing
    the issue and has issued recalled other models which exhibit this
    behavior. The Sequoia, for example, was also recalled for a VSC issue exhibiting the same behavior back in 2010.

  • Larry

    He drives an AMC Gremlin!

  • Yomama

    You must take a bus. Only an idiot would say such things.

  • joe

    are you kidding me? are you stupid or something? Toyota’s total quality management is still far better than any other car companies and when they do recalling it to fix it, they are completely honest about it. other american car companies completely ignore. These issues Toyota addresses are far less issues than other car manufacturers have. These issues are minor compare to any other so stop saying ignorant statement like that. Why don’t you buy american garbage that will last less than 50k miles, you probably waste bunch of money on fixing your transmission, and shitty resale value it’s better to junk than resale. You buy from american cars that are not american made mostly outsourced they are cheating Americans. some toyota and hyundai cars are more american made than american cars creating jobs, paying taxes, and contribute economical value to our society. what do you know about cars? know this, you buy toyota you don’t get what you paid for, you get much more value than what you paid for, but you buy american cars, you don’t get what you paid for, you get much less value than what you paid for plus unknown cost of ownership you didn’t expect. look which cars are still on the road today after 20years? what i see on the street is the american cars burning on the side of the road while toyota is safe inside the car with air conditioning running and zooming by your car.

  • xjjeepman

    You sound like a jackass… they all have problems I don’t care what name is on them…

  • Guest

    @ Larry – Gremlin.. the best ever made.. lol !

  • g-man

    2005 sienna cracked dash….and there are many other years and models affected, Toyota says tough s…t they act as if we were told that would happen when we purchased the new vehicle. They need to MAN-UP !!!