Apprentice-Built VW GTI Concept Teased Before Wörthersee

Apprentice-Built VW GTI Concept Teased Before Wörthersee

Volkswagen let a dozen of its apprentices design a concept version of the GTI that will debut during the Worthersee meet this year.

The company released a teaser image today showing the car under a cover, sitting in the middle of the students that spent nine months designing it. Volkswagen hasn’t said what they modified on the concept, which is based on an MK7 GTI with the optional Performance Package.

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GTIs equipped with that package come with bigger brakes, an electronically-controlled limited-slip differential and a 10-hp bump to 220 from the 2.0-liter TSI four-cylinder engine.

VW did say that its apprentices have modified the paint, interior equipment and the powertrain. Worthersee kicks off next week when this along with several other special Volkswagen concepts will be revealed.

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