2014 Ford Focus Hatchback Consumer Review

2014 Ford Focus Hatchback Consumer Review

The View from Inside

A comfortable driving position can be found quickly as she finds the mirrors and seats are easy to adjust. 2014-Ford-Focus-05.JPGThe MyFord Touch GPS system takes a while to properly learn and Amanda wishes the screen wasn’t set so high on the dash as it’s awkward reach. However, once programmed, the navigation works fine and is easy enough to follow.

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The rest of the interior is lacking in appeal for her as she isn’t a fan of the dashboard design or the abrasive seat fabric. The center console lacks storage space and rear seat passengers have no fold-down center armrest in the SE hatchback. Seat space for rear occupants is also small for the class with only 33.2-inches of rear legroom. Trunk space is good though with 23.8 cubic feet of storage room behind the rear seats.

What She Liked

2014-Ford-Focus-17.jpgOne of Amanda’s favorite features of the test vehicle is that it has rear parking sensors and sensors in the front bumper as well. Combined with a reverse camera she refers to as one of the best on market, the Focus proves to be an incredibly simple car to park in any situation.

Aside from the engine power and car’s looks, another detail that stands out with the Focus is a pair of little storage areas from backseat passengers that are wedged between the doors and the seatbacks. Although they won’t hold much, with there being no fold down center console, it’s a good place for passengers in the back to put things like cell phones, sunglasses or water bottles.


What She Didn’t Like

Amanda is not a fan of the MyFord Touch screen, but for reasons that differ than most reviewers. Her issue has to do with the reflective screen finish that smudges easily and shows fingers prints in great detail. Not only does this distort the screen’s display, but it’s also unappealing for passengers to look at, especially germaphobes.2014-Ford-Focus-16.jpg

The other minor issue has to do with the HVAC vent positioning. No matter how they are adjusted, she feels air is always blowing directly on her instead of around the cabin. On hotter days it feels like she is driving a mobile wind tunnel.

The Verdict

Easy to park, easy to drive and easy on the eyes, Amanda is fond of the Focus, but not in love with it.  The two biggest downfalls for her are the unappealing interior and jerky transmission. Although it’s probably too small of a car for her needs now, she would recommend it to “Amanda from 5 years ago” who was looking to buy her first car; depending, of course, on what kind of deals or incentives Ford is offering at the time to help ease the pain of that high sticker price.

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  • Not a bad review! Would Amanda describe herself as a hypermiler, a leadfoot, or somewhere in between–or is this another example of the mileage reporting issues Ford (and other carmakers) seem to have had of late?

  • Mike Schlee

    I’d say based on her usual mileage reports, slightly on the heavier side of average.