2014 Mazda Adventure Rally Day 1: Questions Answered

2014 Mazda Adventure Rally Day 1: Questions Answered

Follow along with team AutoGuide as they look to improve upon their 3rd place finish in last year’s Mazda Adventure Rally. This year, the duo of Mike Schlee and Sami Haj-Assaad are off on another adventure. But to where? And driving what?

Follow along as we take on this unplanned journey, blogging, Tweeting, Vining and Instagraming as we go. Will we emerge as the victors in this crazy stunt? We might even need your help so check out our twitter profiles at www.twitter.com/Sami_HA and www.twitter.com/mikeschlee, and don’t forget to followAutoGuide.com’s main twitter account for more details and updates of our adventure.

  • Rickers

    Go get em guys!

  • Jamal

    Sounds like fun… for a day. Then that little Miata will be less enjoyable.


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