2015 Ford Mustang Gains a Little Weight

2015 Ford Mustang Gains a Little Weight

Enthusiasts everywhere decried Ford last week when a rumor spread that the new Mustang would be packing on between 200 and 300 pounds, but now we know that’s not quite true.

 Mustang-LeakThe 2015 Mustang will in fact be gaining a bit of weight according to a dealer order guide posted by Mustang6G. The curb weight of a Mustang GT equipped with a six-speed manual will start at 3704 pounds, just 86 pounds heavier than the 2014 model. When it comes to the base V6 model, the Mustang will only be adding roughly 25 pounds compared to last year.

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For 2015, the Mustang has adopted a new independent rear suspension setup, the likely cause for most of the weight gain. Size-wise, the new Mustang is 0.2 inched shorter overall, 1.4 inches lower and 1.5 inches wider.

Click on the embedded image to see all of the size specs for the new 2015 Ford Mustang.

[Source: Mustang6G]

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