2015 GMC Sierra Denali gets Magnetic Shocks

2015 GMC Sierra Denali gets Magnetic Shocks

The GMC Sierra Denali is the most expensive truck in GM’s stable, and the truck is getting more mechanical goodies to help it stay at the top. 

For 2015, the Sierra Denali will be available with Magnetic Ride Control (MRC), a system that electronically controls the damping of the truck. MRC is used an option on a number of other GM products, some of which are built for speed while some are designed for comfort, including the Corvette, Escalade and the Sierra’s sister vehicle, the Yukon Denali.

For the system to work, sensors read the road every millisecond, making damping changes happen in just five milliseconds. Tow ratings for the Sierra Denali maxes out at 9,400 pounds, while payload is rated at 1,940 pounds.

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“With magnetic ride control, the 2015 Sierra Denali delivers a smoother, more confident driving experience without sacrificing the capabilities customers expect from a GMC truck,” said Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer.

Some of the tech on the inside is also being upgraded for 2015. First, a new feature has been added which will read back your text messages, and a 4G LTE  built-in Wi-Fi hotspot will now come on every Sierra Denali.

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