Americans Willing to Pay for Better Roads: AAA

Americans Willing to Pay for Better Roads: AAA

More than half of Americans surveyed are willing to pay for better roads, bridges and mass transit systems.

A study conducted by AAA suggests that 68 percent of Americans believe the federal government should invest more than it does now on roads, bridges and mass transit systems. The AAA omnibus survey took in the opinions of 2,013 adults and only five percent of the respondents believe the federal government should spend less on transportation. Over half said they would accept higher fuel taxes to raise money for infrastructure improvement.

“Americans are fed up with record-long commutes, unsafe highways and never-ending potholes caused by political inaction,” said Bob Darbelnet, AAA President and CEO. “Congress must prevent severe maintenance delays during the height of the summer driving season by preventing a Highway Trust Fund bankruptcy in August.”

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Of those surveyed, 67 percent agree that taxes on gasoline and diesel consumption are appropriate for transportation funding and 51 percent admitted that they are more likely to vote for a member of Congress who supports increased federal spending on transportation.

Currently, the federal Highway Trust Fund is supported by the 18.4 cents per gallon gas tax and 24.4 cents per gallon tax on diesel. That tax has not been raised by Congress since 1993 and as a result of inflation and increased fuel economy, the purchasing power of the current tax has been cut nearly in half.

  • smartacus

    At least we know it’s fake:

    Modern data collections and analyses enable them to “select at random” 2,013 respondents to legitimize; ergo officiate, the precise 67% number they sought.

    2,013 is 0.000671% of the population. Even 2,013,000 people are only a little over half a percentage point of the population.

    That number is not an unexpected accident; it was a target number carefully preselected before the survey even began, in order to dishearten and silence dissenters with the appearance of being “overwhelmingly in the minority”. That’s why if there were any veracity to this survey (even anecdotally); there would already be a gas tax increase on an official ballot.

    Any target percentage in the 50’s would feel too much like a split opinion; while any number in the 70’s would be close to a supermajority (the masses would reject the survey; revealing the truth of this being a carefully crafted plebiscite)

    *again: 2,013 is 0.000671% of the population.

    (There’s that number again: 67!) Anyone else notice the coincidence?
    67 percent of 2,013 and 2013 being 67 Millionth’s of a percent of US?

    That 67% magic number is too sublime to be an accident. It’s like finding a tree in the forest as symmetrical as a telephone pole. Ain’t gonna happen.