2015 Audi Models to Feature Android Auto

2015 Audi Models to Feature Android Auto

Following Google’s announcement of Android Auto, Audi has confirmed that its vehicles will begin introducing Android Auto connection next year.

As one of the founding members of the Open Automotive Alliance, Audi plans to introduce Android Auto technology with all new models launched in 2015. According to the German automaker, Android Auto will allow drivers to seamlessly access their Android apps using Audi MMI displays and controls optimized for safe and intuitive operation on the road.

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Once an Android smartphone is connected in a compatible Audi, drivers will see a prompt asking if they want their apps to function through the MMI touch display and controls. From there, the graphics and audio streams, including microphone input and all control interfaces will operate through Android Auto.

Audi was quick to note that the integration of Android Auto won’t make its vehicles incompatible with other smartphones such as the Apple iPhone.

“As the leader in the emerging field of connected car technologies, Audi recognizes the importance of meeting our customers’ mobile technology needs on their terms,” said Ricky Hudi, Head of Development Electrics/Electronics, AUDI AG. “But we should only do this through innovations, such as Android Auto, that reduce distractions and improve performance.”

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