Automakers Call For Changes to Rearview Camera Law

Automakers Call For Changes to Rearview Camera Law

Automakers have put forward a petition that seeks to change the 2018 backup camera laws because of concerns over cost and vehicle design. 

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM), the industry’s representation in Washington, is expressing concerns over the timing and implementation of the new law that requires automakers to fit all of their light vehicles with a backup camera by 2018.

Automakers are calling for permission to use several cameras and stitch the pictures together, rather than a single camera delivering the rear-view image. Without these changes, some manufacturers will have to find new designs for certain vehicles, such as SUVs with a full-size spare mounted above the bumper.

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“As the technology for these systems is rapidly advancing, we do not want to limit the safety benefits by restricting the amount of cameras that may be utilized,” says the petition filed by AAM to federal safety regulators.

The petition also requests that the deadlines be pushed back to Sept. 1 in 2016 and 2017, rather than May 1. This well help prevent a “significant cost burden” to automakers according to the petition because the new dates line up with model year change overs.

NHTSA will now decide whether or not these changes will be implemented.

[Source: Auto News]