Chrysler 200 Ads Wax Predictably Patriotic

Chrysler 200 Ads Wax Predictably Patriotic

The latest series of Chrysler commercials focus on the new 200 mid-size sedan first shown during the Detroit Auto Show.

Like most of Chrysler’s commercials, the two-ad series focusing on the 200 frames the car as an American champion that stands apart from imports. The new sedan features Chrysler’s nine-speed automatic transmission; the same unit being used in the new Jeep Cherokee and bound for the upcoming Renegade.

With the current 200, Chrysler is continuing to pitch itself as an upscale American brand using its imported from Detroit tagline.

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  • Wisdom Seeker

    Not sure where the “upscale” pitch was.

  • It’s always fun to watch FiatChrysler rhapsodize about how American they are. It reminds me of the good old days when Lee Iacocca urged us to buy American and avoid those darn foreign cars, even while half his lineup and 2/3 of his parts came from Mitsubishi.