Corvette Museum Sinkhole to Become Permanent Exhibit

Corvette Museum Sinkhole to Become Permanent Exhibit

The National Chevy Corvette Museum has decided to keep part of its car-eating sinkhole intact, as it has proven to be a popular attraction among visitors.

Although it cost the museum a hefty sum in damages, they are making it back thanks to a spike in attendance numbers, which are up 59 percent year-over-year. This presented a tough case to the Museum: keep the sinkhole which is bringing in people or restore the room that houses some of the rarest Corvettes in the world.

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The museum board held a meeting this past week to determine the sinkhole’s fate, though they settled on a compromise.  The plan is to seal up part of the hole, while leaving a 25-ft by 45-ft section open with a maximum depth of 30 feet. Exactly what will be in the hole isn’t decided yet, though the museum is considering placing one or two of the cars back in for display.

“You come in and you have all these displays of the history and life of Corvette, and then you come into the Skydome to see this new part of history,” said Murphy.  “I think it will always be a part of history, but will the increased attendance continue?  I don’t know, but it will always be of high interest.”

The museum says that if interest does begin to wane, there will always be the option of filling in the hole and returning the room to what it once was.

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