Dodge Charger SRT to Trump Chevy SS with 600+ HP

Dodge Charger SRT to Trump Chevy SS with 600+ HP

Chrysler’s newly minted ‘Hellcat’ supercharged V8 already has a confirmed home under the hood of the SRT Challenger, and it looks like the Charger sedan is next. 

Chrysler recently announced its five-year plan, laying out the future of the company and most of its products. Included in that plan was the picture posted to the right, laying out the future of the Dodge brand.

Dodge-Five-Year-PlanIt clearly shows that the upcoming Charger SRT will use a “S/C V8,” the same engine listed for the upcoming 2015 Challenger. The only supercharged V8 in SRT’s lineup is the Hellcat, leaving almost no doubt that the sedan will adopt the new engine.

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Now, not everything in Chrysler’s five-year plan always comes to fruition, but with a new SRT Charger on its way, it would make sense for the car to adopt the more powerful V8 engine.

Exact specifications on the Hellcat haven’t been confirmed, but Dodge has said that it will make more than 600 hp. The engine will be mated to either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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