F1 Contact Rules Eased Up to Encourage Passing

F1 Contact Rules Eased Up to Encourage Passing

In a bid to make F1 racing more exciting, the sport has plans to ease up on standard investigations looking into contact on the circuit.

The discussion is ongoing between regulators and drivers on how to improve the show put on by F1. Drivers claim that they are being discouraged from overtaking because they are worried about penalties for minor contact.

Now, according to Autosport, Formula 1 will revise its stance on minor collision, allowing some to happen without a formal investigation. Currently, the FIA automatically investigates every bit of contact, but teams argue that this is making drivers hesitant to try risky passes.

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The new rules will leave things in the hands of the race stewards, who will now have the final say on whether or not an incident is worthy of punishment or an investigation, unless there is a formal complaint submitted by a team. If there is one driver clearly at fault for a crash, an investigation will also be undertaken.

This way, drivers won’t be quite as worried about penalties when trying to make tricky passes. However, F1 race director Charlie Whiting made it clear to teams that in order for this new system to work, it requires drivers to stop pushing for their rivals to be punished in incidents.

The new rules were tabled during the pre-Austria Grand Prix meeting.

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