Five New Tech Features in the 2015 Ford Edge

Five New Tech Features in the 2015 Ford Edge

Cutting 'Edge' Technology

Whether it’s a base model small car or a flagship luxury sedan, every modern automobile is chockablock with high-end features, some of which seemed like impossibilities just a few years ago.

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Things like adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams and voice-activated infotainment systems have become commonplace in the market. In order to appeal to tech-savvy customers the all-new 2015 Ford Edge offers some attractive, high-end features.

  • earl

    keep your tech and give me back my money….

  • Tigre

    Who doesn’t love tech? Soon cars will pretty much drive themslves anways… so might as well have something to do.

  • earl

    there’s good tech and bad tech…shouldn’t I have the right to choose rather than the cost just added in. Reliability stats are showing a decline because of some of this techy stuff.

  • Tigre

    Meh. It’s just functionality and users who get upset because they don’t know how to use it right away.

  • Sarah H

    This new Edge looks like a winner to me!


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