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 |  Jun 25 2014, 9:15 AM

Auto Start/Stop

2015 Ford Edge Start/Stop

This feature is by no means exclusive to Ford. Practically every automaker offers or will offer start/stop technology, it’s just a no-brainer. Why run the engine when the vehicle isn’t moving? Shut it down and save fuel.

Engineers at the Blue Oval are working on refining this technology so it works as seamlessly as possible. They claim that for the average driver start/stop can boost a vehicle’s efficiency by about 3.5 percent, which is huge. Formal pricing for this optional feature has not been announced at this time but it should cost around $300.

  • earl

    keep your tech and give me back my money….

  • Tigre

    Who doesn’t love tech? Soon cars will pretty much drive themslves anways… so might as well have something to do.

  • earl

    there’s good tech and bad tech…shouldn’t I have the right to choose rather than the cost just added in. Reliability stats are showing a decline because of some of this techy stuff.

  • Tigre

    Meh. It’s just functionality and users who get upset because they don’t know how to use it right away.

  • Sarah H

    This new Edge looks like a winner to me!