Next-Gen Ford Super Duty Trucks to Use Aluminum

Next-Gen Ford Super Duty Trucks to Use Aluminum

Following the footsteps of the F-150 half-ton, the new Super Duty trucks coming from Ford will use an aluminum body to help shed weight. 

Although this move was expected, confirmation arrives thanks to a spy photographer and a magnet. Automotive News reports that spy photographer Brian Williams caught a new Ford F-350 testing near Colorado, and immediately tried to stick a magnet to the bed’s bare metal. What he discovered was no attraction, something that should have been there if this was a steel bed.

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While this doesn’t confirm outright that the rest of the body will use aluminum, it is a safe bet. If Ford is willing to use the lightweight material on the part of the truck that takes the most punishment, why wouldn’t they fit aluminum in all the spots where it won’t get beat on.

On the F-150, the new aluminum body helped to the truck to lose an average of 700 pounds.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • bcl187

    Ford is terrible! I hate their interiors and their power stroke. Just garbage! I would choose a ram3500 over a gasket breaking power stroke.

  • Ani Gòmez

    I really like to see the final product before I judge… I know new tech & materials might have a snag or 2 but overall I think it’s a win win..

  • sethjof350

    Lol then why are you reading a FORD article? Sounds like jealousy to me.

  • RocketMan

    Show Current research to back your smart-ass opinion. Oh, and the powerstrokes keep running even with blown gaskets. Dodge’s can’t move with broke transmissions.

  • Truth

    Dodge with a cummins… The ultimate cheap thrill for low budget dumb asses! You make it a point to mention interiors, then go on to boast a dodge like their interiors aren’t “garbage”! I guess ford sells the most trucks because they’re cheaper right?

  • Subman

    Go ahead and get your RAM 3500… Chances are that when your trans blows you’ll be towed by a FORD Super Duty! You obviously are behind the times with your knowledge… the new FORD BUILT 6.7 Scorpion motor does NOT blow gaskets nor transmissions!

  • dodgeJunkTruck

    dodge trucks are just plain junk, I should know because way back when, I was stupid enough to buy one and drive it. The words junk and dodge have the same definition, I looked it up in my dictionary and there it was “dodge = Junk” “incites delusion of quality when suckered into buying one”

  • Bc985

    I have a 2014 and a 2013 ram2500 the 14 has to have a new computer at 7000 miles and the 13 has had a new transmission and radiator at 22000 my 06 f350 has been no problem

  • Bc985

    And besides why buy a dodge when they won’t even put their name on it lol