Ferrari to Turbocharge All V8 Cars in the Future

Ferrari to Turbocharge All V8 Cars in the Future

Ferrari is seeking to improve its performance while simultaneously reducing emissions by 2021.

The exotic car builder plans to reduce C02 emissions by three percent each year for a total of roughly 20 percent by 2021, Automotive News reports. Early steps in achieving that goal are already showing in the company’s latest products: V8 engines will be turbocharged while V12-powered cars will rely on hybrid systems.

Ferrari marked its return to using turbocharging last March when it unveiled the new California T at the Geneva Motor Show. The car’s new 3.9-liter V8 makes 552 hp and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by over 16 percent per kilometer to 250 grams compared to the naturally aspirated 4.3-liter V8 it replaces. “In the future, all of our V8s will use turbos,” Ferrari Powertrain Director Vittorio Dini told Automotive News.

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A year earlier, Ferrari revealed its LaFerrari hypercar at the same event. The Enzo replacement is its first hybrid road car and borrows technology directly from the company’s F1 racing technology. While there are only 499 copies of the LaFerrari planned for production, the company will rely even more heavily on hybridization with its V12 products. Currently, the company also uses a V12 to power the FF and F12 Berlinetta.

Despite the fact that Ferrari is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, it is able to negotiate targets for emissions improvements separately from its owner’s corporate fleet  with U.S. and European regulators. Ferrari sells roughly 7,000 cars per year, but still plans to improve its C02 emissions at a rate comparable to higher volume manufacturers.

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