GM Apologizes for Recall Notices Sent to Vicitim Families

GM Apologizes for Recall Notices Sent to Vicitim Families

General Motors is apologizing to the families of victims of fatal crashes linked to the ignition switch recall who received recall notices for the crashed vehicles.

“We are deeply sorry to those families who received a recall notice,” GM spokesman Greg Martin told the news agency.

Terri DiBatista told Reuters that a dealer mailed her two recall notices related to three recalls affecting  the Chevrolet Cobalt that GM recently issued. Amber Marie Rose, 16, died in 2005 after her Chevrolet Cobalt crashed into a tree ad was destroyed, yet DiBatista, her mother, still received the requests. Rose is one of the 13 officially confirmed deaths linked to the high profile recall.

Last month, NHTSA said it believes that the true number of people killed as a result of of the faulty ignition switches is much higher than GM’s official count.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • chavitz

    How much is worth if a pathetic liar makes apology to its victims? It is more like just spitting on the faces of those