GM CEO Promises Answers For Congress Next Week

GM CEO Promises Answers For Congress Next Week

General Motors CEO Mary Barra is looking to avoid another embarrassment when she takes the stand next week to testify before Congress.

Barra’s last testimony was filled with non-answers and her performance resulted in becoming a “Saturday Night Live” skit. During her testimony in April, Barra repeatedly said she couldn’t answer detailed questions on the massive ignition switch recall but promised after the company’s internal investigation was completed, she would return to answer more questions. That testimony will take place Wednesday, June 18 before a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

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Joining Barra in the testimony will be Anton Valukas, the lead author of the internal report into GM’s failure to recall 2.6 million Chevrolet Cobalts and other vehicles for over a decade. The massive ignition switch recall has been linked to at least 13 deaths and 54 crashes. The American automaker currently faces over 70 lawsuits tied to economic loss claims. Recently, Barra dismissed 15 executives, including many senior lawyers and GM’s vice president for regulatory affairs, Michael Robinson.

[Source: Detroit News]

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