GM Smartphone App ‘DiDi Plate’ is Pretty Creepy

GM Smartphone App ‘DiDi Plate’ is Pretty Creepy

Smartphone apps can be social and helpful, but GM China is working on one that’s just plain creepy.

The app, called DiDi Plate, allows users to scan a license plate on a vehicle in order to connect them to the owner’s cell phone. That’s right, the driver simply needs to scan the license plate in front of them and they can start texting the vehicle in front of them. According to the director of GM’s China R&D Division, John Du, “Even if the other driver didn’t register this app, you can still give them greetings and comments.” Forget privacy concerns or promoting distracted driving, this app might be the strangest use of technology yet.

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The company demonstrated the app and in one example, a male driver used it to scan and and message the woman driving in front of him for a date, which she quickly accepts – if only it was that easy. In another situation, a woman’s car is blocked in, so she was able to scan the plate and text the owner to move the vehicle. While that’s a bit more acceptable for a use, imagine being able to message people and tell them they’re terrible drivers… while you’re both driving.

[Source: Computer World]

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  • Shannon Hummell

    This is awesome and terrible at the same time.

  • ben nibohs

    lol this gon’ be fun