GM Offers Dealer Bonuses to Speed Up Ignition Repairs

GM Offers Dealer Bonuses to Speed Up Ignition Repairs

GM is hoping incentives and bonuses will inspire its dealerships to speed up the repair of cars recalled for faulty ignition switches.

With 2.9-million vehicles needing to be repaired and only 200,000 of them fixed so far, the American automaker is offering dealerships bonus money for fast repairs. The company is offering $250 in credit redeemable at an online gift store to both service and parts managers at dealerships that can install at least 90 percent of the replacement kits shipped to them by July 7.

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Called the “Ignition Switch Recall Completion Initiative,” GM will also be randomly selecting 50 qualifying dealerships to receive $4,000 in incentive credits that can be split between parts and service managers. One store will even be selected randomly for its parts and service managers to share $10,000.

As of June 16, GM says that exactly 199,457 vehicles have been fixed while nearly 400,000 repair kits have been shipped out.

[Source: Automotive News]

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