Google to Reveal In-Car Infotainment System

Google to Reveal In-Car Infotainment System

Google is already hard at work developing driverless cars, but its reach into the automotive world is getting deeper.

The tech giant is now developing an in-car operating system known internally as “Auto Link,” according to sources close to the matter. This is the first product to emerge from the Open Automotive Alliance, a consortium put together by Google that includes Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and chipmaker NVIDIA.

Auto link will not be a standalone infotainment setup, but rather a “projected” system which means a Google Android-powered smart phone can be controlled using the car. The phone’s functions will then be mirrored on the car’s LCD screen, effectively allowing your phone to act as the infotainment system. Both Apple and Google are taking the same approach to in-car infotainment, developing systems that rely on smart phones.

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Google is “also developing new Android platform features that will enable the car itself to become a connected Android device,” the company said in January.

Details on the setup are expected to come at the Google I/O conference which is happening on June 25-26 in San Francisco.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Raymond Ramírez

    Having used Unix-based computers for over 30 years, Linux for over 10 years, and Android systems recently in tablets and smartphones, I trust the Android system from Google for vehicle entertainment and control more than Microsoft or Apple.