Illinois Officially Bans Police Ticket Quotas

Illinois Officially Bans Police Ticket Quotas

Illinois has officially passed a law that will prohibit municipalities from requiring police officers to meet ticket quotas.

Senate Bill 3411 bans state, county or local governments from requiring an officer to issue a certain number of tickets within a designated period of time. Police officers will also not be able to compare citation numbers with other officers nor will tickets issued set a benchmark during performance evaluations.

“Law enforcement officers should have discretion on when and where to issue traffic citations and not be forced to ticket motorists to satisfy a quota system,” said Governor Pat Quinn. “This new law will improve safety and working conditions for police officers and prevent motorists from facing unnecessary anxiety when they encounter a police vehicle.”

The measure passed both chambers of the General Assembly with overwhelming majorities and earned approval in the House with 106 votes in favor and nine against.

  • Tim

    About effing time. Maybe other states will follow suit.

  • smartacus

    why no ban on ARREST QUOTAS?