Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Division Announced

Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Division Announced

There’s a new special team at Jaguar Land Rover dedicated to building top-level luxury and performance vehicles.

Headed by former Land Rover global brand director John Edwards, the “Special Operations” division will work on even more luxurious variants of the company’s products as well as extreme performance products and custom-built vehicles.

The luxury and performance arm will work out of a dedicated technical center close to the company’s headquarters. Super high-performance variants built in limited numbers are nothing new to the Jaguar brand. A year ago in New York, the company revealed its XKR-S GT: a limited version of the XKR-S with only 30 slated for sale in North America.

Jaguar didn’t elaborate in its announcement today about exactly what the team will build, but the new Special Operations division will presumably work on projects as exclusive or even more-so than that car. Things could be even more exciting if the team there isn’t restricted to especially low volume projects and one-offs. With the F-Type already out and Jaguar’s BMW 3 Series fighter in development, that could mean some sort of BMW M3 competitor coming from the U.K. brand in the future. Fingers crossed.

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