Next Nissan Frontier Previewed in Leaked Photos

Next Nissan Frontier Previewed in Leaked Photos

Leaked photos of a new Nissan pickup truck are offering a glimpse of how the next Frontier pickup truck will look.

Earlier this week, Nissan began releasing teasers for a new truck thought to be the next generation Navara. Nissan spokesman Dan Bedore said on Monday that the truck set to be revealed on June 11 is not the Frontier. Even if the truck shown in these photos isn’t actually the Frontier, much if not all of the styling will probably transfer to Nissan’s new North American mid-size pickup. nissan-frontier-leak-2_653

Unnamed “industry” sources are being quoted saying that the next truck will be offered with four- and six-cylinder powertrain options, but with significantly improved gas mileage. Earlier this year, Nissan revealed its Frontier Diesel Runner concept at the Chicago Auto Show. That truck is powered by a four-cylinder Cummins turbo diesel.

The photos shown here were reportedly taken in Thailand.

  • Danielus

    it looks surprisingly chinese

  • Shiratori90


  • bcl187

    Ohh man it’s a pathfinder frontier! Mmm the back is bulgy . No matter wat Nissan invents I’ll Always Buy A Ram! Nobody knows the Cummings engine then dodge. But I could be wrong ..good luck Nissan with the Detroit three when the Titan comes out. P.s better not look like a Ram Fred Diaz ( traitor)