Luxury Brands to Lead Wireless Charging Adoption

Luxury Brands to Lead Wireless Charging Adoption

Premium automotive brands will blaze the trail into wireless charging for electric cars, a leading analysis firm predicts.

To date, the technology is virtually unused with only a few hundred of the systems in place but that will change rapidly. According to a forecast by analysis firm Frost & Sullivan, there will be roughly 128,000 wireless chargers being used in North America by 2020. But current market leaders like the Nissan Leaf won’t be the driving force behind that adoption. Instead, high-end brands will be responsible for the swing.

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“This move will be led by the luxury brands,” says Prajyot Sathe, Frost & Sullivan senior automotive analyst. “The primary reason for adoption will be convenience. With inductive charging, there are no cables or physical effort. You will simply park over a charging pad.”

Trouble is, the systems aren’t cheap. Wireless vehicle chargers on the market can run above $3,000 before the cost of installing components to the vehicle. Not surprisingly, Frost & Sullivan predicts that drivers able to pay for premium vehicles will also be more likely to saddle the added cost of a more convenient charger.

Despite that, non-premium brands are also readying wireless charging systems. Toyota is preparing its next-generation Prius to integrate such systems. Volkswagen is also planning to offer cordless charging.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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