May 2014 Auto Sales: Winners and Losers

May 2014 Auto Sales: Winners and Losers

Winner - Jeep +58 Percent

Posting massive percentage gains is relatively easy when the numbers behind those changes are small. Jeep’s sales are hardly titanic in the industry as a whole – that would be Ford – but Chrysler’s utilitarian brand still sells the most of any individual Chrysler brand assuming Ram and Dodge are counted separately. Last month, the Cherokee compact crossover and Grand Cherokee both helped Jeep catapult its sales by 58 percent to just over 70,200. Chrysler is also in the process of tweaking the nine-speed automatic transmission used in the Cherokee to offer smoother shifts after owners complained that early gear changes are especially harsh.

  • brandon

    Mercedes? Out sold them all! Wake up autoguide!

  • Truth Speaker

    Mercedes sales have been down all year