Mazda2 Rotary Hybrid Likely Heading to Production

Mazda2 Rotary Hybrid Likely Heading to Production

The Mazda2 could benefit from a rotary hybrid powertrain for its next generation.

According to a recent report, Mazda will likely produce the vehicle it has been testing that uses a 0.33-liter rotary engine in the rear of the Mazda2 that not only generates power but charges the lithium-ion battery when it’s running low. The Mazda2 Range Extender was first revealed last year and started its life as an electric vehicle.

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The Japanese automaker will market the model as a plug-in hybrid and according to Mazda Australia’s managing director, the rotary-hybrid Mazda2 will be offered in markets “in which you can justify bringing something like that out, to get at least a reasonable amount of volume to justify setting it up as a saleable model, are ones where there’s government support for those types of models.”

Which means while the model wouldn’t be available in a country like Australia, the U.S. would be a viable option considering the subsidies and incentives offered to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle buyers.

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