McLaren P1 GTR Announced With 1,000 HP

McLaren P1 GTR Announced With 1,000 HP

Following completion of the McLaren P1 production run, the company will build a track-specific GTR version of its halo car.

Its name gates back to the Le Mans race car that McLaren won with 20 years ago and will be production-limited just like its road car cousin. The company hasn’t specified how many copies it plans to produce but says the car will be “strictly limited.”

“With no need to comply with road legislation, the McLaren P1™ GTR will be designed and developed as the best drivers’ car in the world on track,” the company said in a press release today. “This will see even greater levels of performance, grip, aerodynamics and downforce than the road car.”

But that isn’t the only area where McLaren is going beyond its road car’s capability. Power will also be increased from the 890 hp that the normal P1 makes to 986 bhp or 1000 PS depending on which measuring stick you prefer.

It also gets a widened track, racing slicks and more aggressive styling that the company is only teasing today.

McLaren said today that they will cost roughly $3,357,00 (£1.98) each. For that price, customers get the car and access to a training program designed to make sure they’re capable of driving the car.  The training program includes consultations with the McLaren driver fitness team and access to a McLaren racing simulator.

You also participate in at least six dedicated international drive events that will take place at F1 tracks around the world and it’s probably a good thing because it sounds like the company isn’t leaving anything on the table with this one.

  • ben

    the original p1 actually has 903 bhp