All McLaren Road Cars to be Electrified Within 10 Years

All McLaren Road Cars to be Electrified Within 10 Years

British automaker McLaren is ready to embrace hybrid technology across its entire lineup.

According to McLaren’s Managing Director, Mike Flewitt, the company with have some form of hybridization on every one of its road-going models within 10 years, even if it’s a basic hybrid powertrain. Currently the McLaren P1 supercar takes advantage of electrification to not only boost performance, but enhance fuel economy – at least the best it can in an exotic with 903 hp.

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In addition, the British automaker plans to be producing 4,000 to 6,000 units a year within a decade and won’t rule out the idea of an all-electric sports car. As for an SUV model, McLaren has no current plans to add one to its lineup, stating that it doesn’t have the “technology or platform suitable for an SUV, and it’s not what McLaren is about.”

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