Millions of Recalled Cars Left Unrepaired: Carfax

Millions of Recalled Cars Left Unrepaired: Carfax

There are millions of vehicles currently on the road that were never fixed despite being included in recall campaigns.

According to vehicle history reporting service Carfax, one in four vehicles aren’t fixed despite being part of a recall campaign. High-profile recalls continue to make headlines this year as the number of affected vehicles continues to swell and currently, the service says it calculates that there are at least 36 million vehicles on the road with unaddressed recall-related repairs.

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General Motors is facing several lawsuits in the wake of the controversial revelation that millions of its vehicles were sold with faulty ignition switches that could allow keys to slip into the “accessory” or “off” position, disabling crucial safety systems including the air bags. One of the suits suggests that everyone who owns a GM product should be entitled to damages, saying their vehicles are all worth less following the announcement of more than 20 million vehilces being recalled worldwide by the company.

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Earlier this year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration slapped GM with the maximum allowable fine – $35 million – for failing to report the defect in a timely manner. Automakers traditionally send letters to owners with recalled vehicles asking them to bring the vehicles in for service, but GM is being required by NHTSA to take more proactive steps in its ignition switch recall to strive for 100 percent of its models to be fixed.

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