Mitsubishi Electric Reveals FLEXConnect Infotainment

Mitsubishi Electric Reveals FLEXConnect Infotainment

Not to be mistaken with the Japanese automaker, Mitsubishi Electric has announced its new FLEXConnect infotainment system.

The company is a Tier 1 supplier in Mason, Ohio and hopes its latest technology will be used in 2018 model year vehicles, though no agreements have been signed with automakers. The system includes 10-inch, 720p screens for the front and rear passengers in addition to a tablet remote control system. Passengers in the vehicle are able to share media including videos, games and photos from screen to screen. FLEXConnect is also linked to the vehicle’s Ethernet network and supports Wi-Fi connectivity for multiple devices.

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Currently, navigation and audio systems account for 38 percent of Mitsubishi Electric’s U.S. product sales and the company supplies all backseat infotainment systems for the Chrysler Town & Country minivan and the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV. According to the company, Apple, Google and Garmin all collaborated on the development of FLEXConnect.

[Source: Automotive News]