New Jersey Approves Tesla Direct-Sales Bill

New Jersey Approves Tesla Direct-Sales Bill

Tesla sales will likely resume in New Jersey, following a ban that was put in effect April 1.

The New Jersey Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee has approved a bill that would allow the American automaker to resume sales in the state as well as open two more stores. The bill was voted in by a count of 4-0, and will not only allow Tesla to open up to four stores in New Jersey, it will also let any other zero-emissions vehicle manufacturer sell cars directly to consumers there. Any automaker that wishes to open up stores in New Jersey will have to have at least one facility to service the vehicles.

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According to the report, nobody testified against the legislation, though it could be amended to protect the dealer “status quo,” which means that a zero-emission vehicle manufacturer would no longer apply if sold to another company.

The New Jersey Assembly will now have to vote on the bill before Tesla’s direct sales can resume in New Jersey.

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